Heather's Critter Cab and Pet Sitting Services

                Do you need help with caring for your 4 legged loved ones ?         

 Then Heather's Kitty Cab and Cat Sitting are here for you !

A little bit about me!

   My name is Heather Bennett and I am the owner and operator of Heather's Critter Cab and Pet Sitting Services. I am an animal lover as true as they come. I have had dogs and cats, as well as other pets all of my life and I believe that they are apart of our families and should be treated that way.                                                                                                   

   I will look after your 4 legged babies while you are unable to be with them, I will be there and treat them as if they were my own. Whether it be visiting them while you are away, in the hospital, at work or taking them for a veterinarian appointments, to the groomers or pet stores.

   In order for you to get to know me a little better, I would like to give you a little background involving pets. When I was little I had always wanted to work with animals. So I decided to volunteer at the local SPCA, for a couple of years. I had also thought of becoming a veterinarian, however as I grew older and became more aware of the duties a vet had to perform, I realized with my soft heart I could not do some of these things. I could not imagine having to tell pet owners that their 4 legged loved ones were not doing well and should be let go. This led me to my second love in life and that was being a teacher. So after 4 years of University, I became a daycare teacher. I continued to work with children for over 12 years. After that I had decided it would be the right time in my life to start looking at my first love once again, working with animals.

   I feel that the experience I have had over the last 18 years, looking after my own fur baby, Rocky ( the beautiful gray and white cat who is at the top of the page), will help me to look after your cats and other animals as though they are apart of my family. Rocky was a very happy and healthy cat for the first part of his life, however as time went on he started to develop  a few different medical conditions. By the time he was around 5 years old he developed a skin condition which caused him to scratch and leave sores and bald  spots all over his body. This condition left him needing creams and pills for the rest of his life. By the age of 9, Rocky was once again not acting himself and his vet then diagnosed him as having Diabetes and needing insulin shots everyday. For a while everything was going pretty good health wise for Rocky. Although by the age of 17 he started acting weird once again. One minute he would be sleeping soundly and the next he would be off and running like something was chasing him. He also started to become very sensitive to being touched and having seizures. Of course this scared me to death, so I took him to his vet who diagnosed him as having either a disorder called Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome or a brain tumor. Since he was an elderly cat his vet thought it would be to stressful on him to do the tests that needed to be done in order to be specific. I agreed with her so she put him on some pills that will help to control his seizures and to make him more comfortable. So now age the ripe old age of 18, he is pretty much like every other cat his age, who loves to eat, sleep and be purrrrfectly happy.   

   I am a reliable and trustworthy person who can make you feel safe and at ease, while caring for your furry babies. To hopefully make you feel more secure with leaving your babies with me, I am fully insured and bonded. I also have an up-to-date police check and I have  obtained a St John Ambulance pet first aid course.

I understand that your pets are  happiest and most comfortable in their own home. With my in home service, you can prepare for your trip without the disruption and inconvenience of transporting your pet to board elsewhere and to travel with peace of mind, knowing that your pets are at home, being cared for by a loving experienced person who will treat your pets like their own.

Sorry I am not longer offering Pet Transport Services, I will only be offering Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services!

The Pet Sitting Service provides:

- free consultation

- 15 minute visits, 30 minute visits, 1 hour visits are available (1 hour visits reserved for dogs and pets who need medications) 

- at each visit I will scoop/clean the litter box/cages and any accidents, feed and give fresh water, give any medications that are needed and give lots of attention, playtime and love ( walks/let out in yard for dogs )

- plants will be watered, the mail and newspaper will be brought in and the lights will be staggered if requested

- private dog walking available for those clients who are working or away ( as many times a day as the client requires )

- if needed, I will also do house sitting for insurance purposes ( price depending on where you are located )

During pet sitting busy seasons (June, July, August, September, December and first 2 weeks in January), I am only able to offer the 15 minute visits.

Pricing for Pet Sitting Services:

- $15.00 for a 15 minute visit to your home

- $25.00 for a 30 minute visit to your home

- $30.00 for a 1 hour visit to your home

- the charge for administering medications is an extra $3.00 for once a day and $5.00 for twice a day and $8.00 for three times a day

if you live in Dartmouth, there is a bridge toll of an extra $2.00 for each visit

- the charge for all holidays will be an extra $5.00 per visit, on top of the normal price