Heather's Critter Cab and Pet Sitting Services


How does my Pet sitting Service Work?

Are you going away on business or on a vacation? Do you have a late night at work, last minute meeting, want to grab dinner with a friend, but your pet needs to be fed and/or given it's nightly medications? My pet sitting service provides your pet(s), with being in the comforts of their own home, while giving you peace of mind to enjoy your time away. This type of care also provides your pet with a lower stress level while you are away from home. Your pet(s) will be able to stay in their own bed and play with their toys while avoiding the disturbances of other animals.

When you call or email me, we'll set up a consultation at your home and at your convenience. During the meeting I'll have you tell me all about your pet(s) personality, feeding, litter box location, cage location, likes and dislikes, favorite hiding places etc. The time we spend together will allow you to determine if you are comfortable with me coming into your home to look after your pet. If you decide that we make a good fit together, we'll then look at how often I will visit how long each visit will be, and how much it will cost for my service. There is no charge for this visit and you have no obligation to hire me.

What are my Service Areas?

The Service Areas for both the Critter Cab and  Pet Sitting are Halifax, Bedford, Lower Sackville, Dartmouth and Spryfield Areas.

What will happen if my pet is on medications?

If your pet is on medications and needs to be on a set schedule each day I will try to make my visits coincide with these times. I am able to administer most medications, such as insulin, pills, creams, etc. There is an extra charge for administering medications.  For once a day I charge $3.00, for twice a day I charge $5.00 and for three times a day I charge an extra $8.00 on top of my regular charges.

Will I do Insurance Checks of your house, if there are not pet(s)?

Even if you do not have any pets, I will visit your home as often as you require me to, for your Insurance purposes. The cost of each check depends upon where you are located in the HRM. Please call for prices. If I am pet sitting your pet, I can also serve as a crime deterrent while you are away from your home. Your pets and home's security is paramount. I will collect your mail, newspapers and flyers, I will also rotate your lights/window covering, water your indoor plants and more. This service is included in my regular Pet Sitting Services.

Dog Walking Services

This is a private one on one service, I do not do large group walks. I will meet with you and your dog(s) before my service begins. While I am walking with your dog(s), we will bond with each other and develop a relationship with him/her that could last a lifetime. It is a very positive experience for both your dog(s) and myself.

In today's fast paced world of last minute meetings and long workdays or if you yourself has difficulty getting around (elderly/ill/special needs), it can be sometimes very hard to give your dog(s) all the exercise he/she needs to stay happy and healthy. Getting lots of exercise can also prevent your dog(s) from becoming bored so that they would not start to destroy your house. My services will provide your dog with the companionship, playtime and exercise they need during the day. A mid-day visit/walk will also help to decrease accidents, especially for puppies and for older dogs. This service will also make your pet's day seem shorter.


15 minute walks = $15.00 for 1 dog

30 minute walks = $18.00 for 1 dog

1 hour walks = $22.00 for 1 dog

For each additional dog from the same household there is an extra $3.00 charge

For multiple walks a day, prices depending on your location, please contact me

Rates for weekly walks are available depending on your location, please contact me

Being Small Does Not Mean, Less Love And Attention!

 Bunnies, ferrets, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils

Can't take small animals with you on your trip, vacation, or to work where you spend long hours? Plan on leaving your small pet(s)? Are you sure something unusual  or expected will not happen when you are away? Please let me help you!

Even though they are small, appear to be normally self-sufficient, and live in a secure cage, small pawed animals, still require a great deal of daily care and attention - as much as a cat or dog. They are complex little creatures that need to be checked on, provided loving and caring attention, given sufficient food and water, and allowed to feel as though they were not abandoned. When taken good care of, their truly unique nature shine. 

Key Service 

Key hold service: For everyone a spare key to your home is retrieved upon the free consultation, and is kept for the duration of the pet sitting and then returned after the pet sit is complete. For future reservations, at a pet owners request - a spare key can be safely locked away, at my home (no address will be attached to the key). It is also a benefit to you if you are locked out of your home - we will have a spare key for you. Confidentiality & Safety for your pet(s) & home is of the utmost importance to me.

Referral Program

Refer a friend! If they sign up, for either the Critter Cab and Pet Sitting Service, you will receive 1 free 15 minute  visit/dog walk.